What is web hosting ?

Web hosting is a computer which also called server on which your whole website data or files are stored it also manages website traffic.

But while the website is hosted on any server some things need to be considered. That’s what we talk about in this blog.

8 important factors you should consider while selecting reliable hosting

1. Page load time

Page load time as word defines what is it? Page load time means the time required to load your website web pages. In short, it is the speed of your website.

While you choose a web hosting to check their page load time it doesn’t exceed 1 second. Because of website speed on SEO rankings.

As website faster boost your SEO ranking.

According to survey it’s prove that delay of 1 second in website load. It cost 7% to 8% less conversion and 10% to 12% less page views.

2. Uptime

Uptime means For what time of period your website is online in a one year span.

Also, downtime means For what time of period your website is offline in a one year span.

Fully one year website is online it’s not possible because server needs maintenance.

But while selecting a web hosting uptime need to be 99.99% in one year. It means your website is offline for just an hour Which is good.

3. Customer support

One more major concern should keep in mind while selecting web hosting is customer support.

Customer support means what technical support web hosting company offers for their clients.

Many web hosting companies offer live chat and calling support for their clients on their website. But ensure that they provide this support for 24×7 365 days. Also, check their social media visibility.

Try to choose those web hosts who offers good customer support. Because customer support defines who web hosting company is fast and how quickly solved client issues.

4. Security

Security features should also be vary while choosing a good web hosting. By checking the security features you secure your website from cyber attacks.

While the website goes on the web then each type of traffic visiting your website between them unnecessary traffic is also included. Keep secure from these checks which anti-virus and anti-malware software web hosting companies used.

5. Site Backup

Site backup feature is also important while you think in point of view security. Site backup means backup of all your website databases which include website code files, images, any plugins or add ons you install in the website.

Something website is affects by some cyber threats in this situation your website data files like index.php will loss for such website need backup to rebuild website.

Site backup service is also provided by the web hosting companies they store backup of website on daily basis. That’s why while selecting web hosting for website vary this feature.

6. WordPress Installation

WordPress is the most popular website builder tools. Over 30% of website on internet created on WordPress.

How many people have question that why most people use WordPress for website builder ?

The reason is that WordPress is easy to use and many extra feature also you get through installing plugins to the website.

Some web hosting companies charge for WordPress installation or some companies give it for Free.

If you don’t use WordPress for website building then ensure that the web hosting plan should provide at least any website builder.

7. Site Migration

Site migration means you don’t want to stay with your current web hosting and shift to another web hosting.

If your web hosting company provides this feature then the company transfers your website files to another hosting server. Some companies charge for this or not.

8. Registration and maintenance cost

In the web hosting industry every web hosting provider offers very attractive deals during sign-ups or even for the first payment. Then later renewal charges are huge. You get a huge discount while the first payment.

Is it avoidable? Only when you jump from one to another hosting provider with discounted signup but It’s not easy to do. So please check the renewal rate white selecting reliable web hosting.

Also, your website not just runs for a long time with shared hosting as website traffic grow you need to grow hosting plan to VPS, and dedicated hosting also keep this in mind.


Now a day there are number of web hosting companies that are established in world some are legit or not. You should check these 7 factors before choosing any web hosting company.