Great reach social media and high following 10k, 100k, 1m followers 5hat you have and you dream now it becomes only dream because social media organic reach become totally dead.

What is Social media organic Reach?
Organic reach is the term in social media marketing that shows who much unique visitors can see your posts, stories and piece of content.

In short, how many people can watch you on that particular platform. Organic reach exclude activity with paid promotion.

Now you better understand what actual I’m talking about? But instead of this you want to grow on social media then this article help you a lot. Here I share so cool and easy technique that help you to grow on social media.

1. More attention on stories format

Here are 3 major reasons to attention on stories format

  1. Stories are innovation for mobiles :- mobile is the biggest addict over the globe it’s a new drug. And it’s increase in upcoming to time so mobile content demand increase in 2020.
  2. Grab attention and engagement :- Audience retention time reduced day by day. So stories helps to get followers attention and get more engagement with existing followers.
  3. It doesn’t require perfect content :- before stories innovation social media have some limits to share photos or all the stuff. To overcome that they stories concept here you don’t need perfect content. Because it appears only for 24 hours. So its looks for enjoyable to audience.

Stories first introduce by snapchat then instagram their own instagram stories. Now every major social media platforms used this concept.

How to use stories for business promotion?

In stories, many editing options are available to start to add relevant stories about your business on stories every day. All you provide value to your followers by creating proper infographics and share it in stories. You can also promote upcoming events through the stories to keep an engaged audience with short videos.

2. A big engagement on Private Groups (Communities)

Facebook organic reach is completely dead. But instead of this group are makes a rock.

Facebook groups are getting more engagement on the other hand Facebook page doesn’t get more engagement. So many social media managers shift to the Facebook private groups.

But social media not only social media but what about others. Other social media also have features of groups like DM instagram groups, LinkedIn groups and whatsapp groups.

Now to get engagement from groups two methods are there.

First is you create your own groups and find people to create your own communal environment and second join multiple social media private groups and keep engage with the group members.

One middle way is also create your own group and join bog groups and turn that audience in your group.

3. Micro-influencers become futures big influencers

Influence marketing is ignored by companies and marketers. Specially micro influencers. But sometime big audience by engaging random people is not much more helpful than small audience.

Micro influencers marketing you can start with two ways..

Firstly so simple way is engage your friends, relatives, colleagues. Even your team member in your campaign.

Secondly keep in contact with the micro influencers who publish quality content relevant to your campaign and those who have more engagement with existing followers. Make in mind don’t judge them with the followers. Here’s their quality content and their bond with follower is more important.

4. Create content mobile-friendly

While creating content for social media always keep in mind that the mobile audience is big in social media. Because by using mobile you can handle social media from anywhere. There are no location restrictions.

So social media channel also change their algorithm w.r.t. mobiles. Even facebook, linkedin, instagram have their mobile app that people access most.

And, since a mobile device is usually held in an upright position, the ultimate trend in this area is the vertical content.

This need understood by almost all social media channels in last few years pinterest and instagram put some big moves towards it. Instagram launch IGTV in which you can upload video content but the format of video is design specially for mobiles. Also pin images in pinterest also same format.

5. Audio will make its place into social media

Even audio based content itself not any social media platform. But I believe audio based content may be the social media trends in future.

The biggest reason in podcasts industry facing 3 main problem.

  1. Discoverability
  2. Monetization
  3. Measurement

From this platform social media be the solution for first because by using media you can popular your podcast brand and promote it a lot.

But social media more visual than audio here you can use creativity to optimize content according to platform.

6. Play with paid ads

If you this you open social media you will grow and become popular without spending money on it. Then you wrong because social media organic reach is totally dead specially facebook and instagram.

To grow on social media you have to play with paid ads. You should keep testing with the paid ads. Test and find which is work well for you and which is not? That’s a way you can grab more audience reach.

Many people questioned that I have a very little budget and how I promote my social media?

For those people I recommend keep working with only one social media with paid ads. If you have one website. audience visit you website that audience you should target. Due to this you spend very little money and you will get high quality audience as well. But in this technique you need to focus on website SEO. that helps to get free traffic.

If instead of this you find organic reach then use linkedin and tiktok right now. They have some organic reach but as they grow it doesn’t exist for a long time

7. Start Live on social media

I suggest if you want to grow in any social media channel then quickly use their newly launch feature it helps more to grow on social media Now Social media channels like instagram, Facebook launched a new feature called Facebook live or Instagram live.

To live chat with followers helps to generate more engagement. Because while you live chat with follower it impress people that this person or brand cares about them so they may be your loyal followers.

8. Use multiple social media

Always use multiple social media channels and try to alternate your one platform audience to another platform that’s a way if you facing a problem with one social media channel you don’t lose your audience.

Suppose you have a Facebook page and Instagram page then add you facebook page link into instagram bio or instagram page in facebook page description to encourage people to follow on another platform.


As the internet grows social media channel also change their algorithms to stop people for more and more time on their platform. The only solution for this is to keep testing.

Social media channels’ organic reach is low and low in upcoming time so you need to find a solution to overcome this problem.