The coronavirus assail on the US has infected close to 1.8 million people and sent in peace over 100,000. The havoc creating disease has hit the economy hard, putting shutters to top U.S businesses, leaving their financial advisors jobless, like 40 million other jobholders, alone in the U.S.

Even though small businesses and financial advisors strive to serve their clients with preventive measures, the sudden digitalization has hand-held less tech-savvy customers. While ensuring safety and easiness to old clients, with the digitalized economy, thanks to COVID-19, it’s time to be innovative and re-evaluative while connecting with new clients as well. Financial advisors can provide first-rate services to clients by professionally taking care of their behavior and solid analytics. This will help the advisors to pinpoint openings for escalation.

As the economy contracts, clients need sound financial advice, at present, more than ever. Adaption is necessary as it enhances moving to remote work, but equal concern regarding the client’s situation is essential to guarantee they are drying with the rain. With confined hours in a day, financial advisors have limits to the number of client relationships they can develop, which presents a combined blockade with serious clients requesting more attention in this time of public health crisis and an economic apprehension. 

We know one can never hold too much. Hence, this is the exact time to build and congeal relationships for a longer period. So, here are a few tips that can help you out to reach new clients and also maintain dignity with the real ones.

Content Marketing Campaigns and website updates

The foremost task is to start planning campaigns related to marketing, keeping in mind the perfect individual wealth clients. Then, write contents that are well-versed with the subjects you plan to solve, of your targeted clients. Reach out your clients with financial tips on ways to cope with the business effects of the pandemic lockdowns. 

Be sure to inform clients about your availability and ways of communication in the present conditions. Keep updating your website regularly so that you may show your prospective clients that you are well prepared and working every day. 

Genuine, factual, and connected content is your reflection and effective to prove you to be a valuable resource. Always providing answers to the questions, technology handicapped customers most often ask, will get you a good rank. When they’re ready to convert, you will be the foremost expert in their minds and they will trust the information you furnish.

Social media

Being active on social media was relevant before COVID-19, but now it is a must. You have loaded your prospects online, and this makes it compulsory for you to be online too. For this, LinkedIn to start with is a grand platform providing immense opportunities. It helps you connect with many new prospects and you can search for professional affiliations as well. Not only connections with prospective clients, but you also have a chance of interacting with them. However, for this, being active in LinkedIn groups is required because these groups are a bucket full of great openings to break conversations with a customer, showcase your talent, and then, build a connection with these people.

Here are some useful tips for you to build yourself in the world of social media:

  • Focus on a Specific Niche
  • Build (and Partner) Online Communities
  • Teach, Not Sell
  • Don’t Be Sneaky (Or Spammy)
  • Create a Content Pillar
  • Narrate Client Stories and Scenarios
  • Question your clients continuously. 

This way, you will be seen as an expert and provide confidence to your beneficiaries.

Send Weekly Emails to Prospects

Nurturing prospect is a critical part of any prospecting strategy, and one of the best ways to do so is through email marketing. As mentioned, there is a lot of news and information available now, amidst this pandemic, to build relationships with your prospects. 

Any person who is seeking the help of a financial advisor needs well-updated information. Advisors who offer more relevant and better information have clients inclined towards them naturally. This calls an alert for you to set goals that compel your clients to remember you rather than any other source of information. Weekly emails with updated videos, articles, and blogs that reflect the changes in the current scenario is an ideal solution.

Also, at the end of your emails, you need to be sure that you’re including a CTA, which should be specific to how people can get started working with you or ways to communicate their queries to you.

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Host or Participate in Financial Educational Webinars

Webinars are becoming the go-to marketing craft during this pandemic. Webinars offer a digital platform for increasing your marketing content audience. Including educational webinars in the marketing campaigns, you are supporting, is indefinitely an adequate tactic. Videos have gained immense popularity and maximum customers do not deny the convenience in learning services via video. Hence, Videos can be preferred over any strategy, being one of the best ways to attract clients, to use your content.  

You can even scroll Google Trends and follow some of the trending topics, which are the most common searches right now for webinar topic ideas. Together, you need to assure to prop up your webinar on your social media, in your email campaigns and also in your website. 

Hope these few ideas would help you out to make your route more clear and compelling so that the financial advisors could reach out to people easily and on time.

For the daily steps required to climb the heights, Execution is the biggest hurdle for advisors.

“Be relentless, and it will eventually work out”.