Searching an answer to the above question? If yes then your search is ended here. In this piece of article, we show how you can make and download your name ringtone in the simplest way. If you are using a mobile then you must know how ringtones are important for you. However, mobile phones have already installed ringtones you can choose from, or you can use the custom feature to set your favourite ringtone. Also, you can create your name ringtone in just a few minutes and make it your custom ringtone.

So to know how to do this, keep reading this article.

Point to be noticed- The below-mentioned process is free, just follow steps correctly and set the desired ringtone on your mobile phone.

How name ringtone is different from normal ringtones?

Since the invention of mobile phones, users are always fanatic about ringtones. Users want appealing ringtones and don’t want to repeat again and again. This is the reason users like appealing ringtones from the beginning of mobile phones. Because of the new and creative ringtone, the search invention of the name ringtone has been done.

Often users can’t easily differ normal ringtone and name ringtone. The only difference is normal ringtones are preinstalled and provided by the mobile manufacturing company. In these ringtones, you can’t make any changes. And the name ringtone contains your name. Your name ringtone gives you a customization feature so you can make it according to your choice.

Let’s see some examples of your name ringtones:

  • Pickup your call “Your Name”
  • Your phone is ringing “Your Name”
  • “Your Name” someone is calling you
  • Listen your phone is ringing “Your Name”

And many other types of ringtones you can create by yourself.

Moving on, let’s see

How you can make your name ringtone.

Making DJ ringtone of your name or making ringtone of your friend’s name is not rocket science. It barely takes a minute. There are many tools available on the internet that allows you to customize your ringtone. If you want to make one follow the mentioned steps:

#Step 1

Visit the official site of FDMR. For this, you have to search for its website on Google. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile and Enter free download mobile ringtones on the search bar. Open the topmost search result. If you face any difficulty in finding you can enter FDMR official site in the search bar. With this, you get the official site.

#Step 2

After opening the site you may see many name suggestions on the side of the page. These names are common or most downloaded ringtone names. If you get your name there you can directly download it. In case you didn’t find ‘type your name’ on the FDMR search bar and hit enter.

#Step 3

Once you searched your name many ringtone options popped on your screen. Choose your desired one. To download the ringtone click on the link, now select the ringtone quality, and click on the download button. Eureka! Your ringtone will be downloaded soon.

Now go on your phone ringtone setting and set this ringtone.

More to know:

If you get the desired ringtone by following the above-mentioned steps then you don’t need to do much, just set and enjoy. And if you haven’t got a ringtone of your name yet then you will have to follow some more steps.

If your name ringtone is not in the search results or you are getting slightly different results or your name is unique then don’t worry. As mentioned above you will get your name ringtone for 100% sure your search would be ended here.

Visit the official Facebook page of FDMR and drop a request for your name ringtone. As stated on the website the service is free.

Steps to request name ringtone on the Facebook page

  • Find the official page of FDMR on Facebook
  • Like their page first
  • Now message them your name and ringtone choice
  • The FDMR support team will reply you with link to download of your desired ringtone
  • It will take some time to respond, so wait until they reply

So don’t quit if you didn’t find it on the website. Many people think that they will never be able to make a ringtone of their names. But this is not the case with FDMR.

Note- You can follow these steps on both mobile and computer. These ringtones support all types of operating systems.

Moreover, you can download the official app of the ringtone maker on your Smartphone. On android device open Playstore and search ringtone maker. Find the relevant one and download it. After installation, launch the app and complete the credential process. Once you have completed the process you can create ringtones of your name. On the app, you will get variety of ringtone options to choose from. You can set default ringtone directly using the app.

So this is how you can make and download the ringtone of your name.

Hope this article helps you a lot.